"Buy magic mushroom Grow Kits XP by Freshmushrooms 

Psilocybin mushrooms grown from 100% mycelium

These XP cultivation kits that grow large, fleshy cubensis mushrooms loaded with psilocybin, offering a harvest of very high quality.

FreshMushrooms magic mushroom growing kits produce mushrooms in just a few weeks and the highly potent magic mushrooms and keep on coming, flush after flush. The maintenance-free grow kit fruits within 2 weeks thanks to a fully colonized substrate.

Growing with the Freshmushrooms 100% Mycelium Grow Kits is extremely easy. These magic mushroom grow kits have a rye-based substrate inoculated with fresh strong mycelium of the highest quality.

No fillers: cheap old style grow kits brands are made from a mixture of sterilized grain, vermiculite and perlite. These have only 30% of the mycelium you will get with freshmushrooms growkits.

no hollow stems cubensis mushrooms

Cubensis grown from grow kit xp

No hollow stems!

Cubensis mushrooms grown with the Freshmushrooms Grow Kits XP do not have hollow stems but are solid and contain a lot of (blue) psilocybin. Of course, a mushroom is a natural product and some mushrooms contain more active substances than others in the same species. However, we invite you to compare them with other grow kit brands.

Freshmushrooms is a manufacturer of Psilocybe cubensis grow kits for over 25 years. During this period, the grow kits have been optimized to perfection and expanded to no less than 11 different strains.

Choose from a long list of cubensis strains, including classics like the Thai, to the newest and original ones, such as the Albino A, and the incredible Mexican, McKenaii, or Mazatapec.

These grow kits contain 100% populated substrate (mycelium) and deliver several flushes. Depending on the timely harvest and proper maintenance of the grow kits, they sometimes yield up to 4 harvests.

Magic Mushroom Growkit XP by Freshmushrooms

100% mycelium xp grow kit

Freshmushrooms Growkit XP

The kits come sealed in an airtight plastic container with ventilation, to ensure that the mycelium is kept fresh in optimum conditions while being stored, and that once we begin fruiting, the mushrooms sprout quickly and vigorously.

With optimal environmental conditions and good hygiene, these grow kits can deliver several fruitings or flushes without any problem, reaching up to bulk of fresh mushrooms. Fast, easy and very productive harvests with Freshmushrooms cultivation kits 

Mycelium Grow Kits and Fresh Mushrooms – All That You Need to Know

A mycelium grow kit can make it very easy for you to have many beautiful and tasty mushrooms without too much effort. Grow kits are fun to grow magic mushrooms as a beginner. A kit is merely mycelium originating on some sort of material, called a substrate. When you buy a grow kit for mushrooms, most of the hard work of growing the mycelium and preparing the substrate has been done for you. Doing less work to grow mushrooms outweighs the price of the kit.

How Do Mycelium Grow Kits Work?

The majority of grow kits are similar to a low-maintenance boyfriend or girlfriend. What they really need is fresh air, water, a decent location, and a little bit of patience. As the kits already contain growing mycelium, all you require is to have the right conditions for it to produce mushrooms.

Why Should You Use Mycelium Grow Kits to Grow Mushrooms?

There are enough advantages of growing mushrooms with grow kits mentioned below:

1. Minimal Effort: The majority of mycelium grow kits only need a good location, water, and a little bit of patience to grow mushrooms.

2. Cost-Effective: A grow-kit is a cost-effective alternative to buy mushrooms, as you can grow enough mushrooms with a kit.

3. Teaching: With a grow kit in your hands, you can teach kids about the fungal life-cycle.

4. Safe: Growing mushrooms with a grow kit is safer than picking mushrooms from the wild.

B+ Cubensis Mycelium Grow Kit Freshmushrooms
Albino Mycelium Grow Kit Mycelium Freshmushrooms
Cambodian mycelium grow kit Freshmushrooms
Ecuador mycelium grow kit freshmushrooms
Colombian mycelium cubensis grow kit freshmushrooms
Golden teacher mycelium cubensis grow kit freshmushrooms
Mazatapec mycelium magic mushroom grow kit freshmushrooms
Mckennaii psilocybin mushrooms mycelium grow kit xp freshmushrooms

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