The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Shroom Grow Kit

If you’ve decided to grow your own mushrooms, you have two options. Either you can purchase the spores yourself and try to create your own substrate, place it in a bag to lock in humidity and hope it works without any guarantee of success. Or, you can get a grow kit. A shroom grow kit makes growing magic mushrooms a breeze. Here's why you need one.

  • Mushroom Grow Kit Yield Are Higher . If you’re looking for the highest yield of magic mushrooms possible, opt for a shroom grow kit. The mushroom grow kit yield is higher both in terms of grams of shrooms and also the potency. When you purchase a grow kit, everything is done for you. The substrate is planned out to a T. The mycelium already populate the substrate and are ready to get active. That way, you ensure you are getting amazing results as far as the mushroom grow kit yield.

    You can expect around 4 flushes with up to 800 grams of magic mushrooms per flush. This is a great deal to be had. If you’re considering growing mushrooms outside or on your own at home, just think of the yield first. The yield will most likely be much higher with a shroom grow kit.
  • Shroom Grow Kits are Easy Peasy. The beauty of shroom grow kits is they take the guesswork out of the magic mushroom process. There’s nothing to be added. Nothing to be measured. No work for you at all. All it takes on your end is to follow the simple instructions (which involves basic things like soaking the substrate after the first mushroom grow kit yield, etc.) and you’ll have more mushrooms than you’ll know what to do with.

    Growing magic mushrooms is as much of a science as it is an art. You have to ensure you have the right ratios, measurements and all the processes are done perfectly to mimic what’s done naturally in nature. After all that work, you may not end up with any shrooms. That’s why the kids are well worth it. You're Bound to have lots of magic mushrooms due to the simple process.
  • Less of a Chance of Contamination. Again, since growing magic mushrooms can be a complex process on your own, there can be a lot that can go wrong without a shroom grow kit. If you don’t have a magic mushroom grow kit, you may encounter contamination. Contamination can come as the form of white mold on top of the caps when you’re ready to harvest. These moldy magic mushrooms are not suitable for consumption, clearly. Another issue is you may not even get any caps to sprout up due to infested air or bacteria that’s lurking.

    With the magic mushroom grow kits, it make it easier because they’re designed to stand up to contaminants. Everything from the scientifically designed filter bags to the correct amount of substrate and mycelium allow you to grow magic mushrooms at a much more successful rate than growing on your own.
  • Higher Concentration of Psilocybin. While the exact amount of psilocybin (the active compound of magic mushrooms) can vary from type to type, one thing is for sure: with a professional shroom grow kit, your magic mushrooms will be much stronger. You’ll have optimal “fruits” for the picking. If you want to ensure you’re getting the best trip of your life, you need to get a shroom grow kit. The mushroom grow kit yield is higher as is the concentration of psilocybin.

    Soon enough, you’ll be sitting on the couch talking to aliens, pondering the existence of God or working on an art project while feeling amazing. All thanks to the high concentration of psilocybin. When you grow magic mushrooms yourself, there can be many things that lead to the deterioration of the active compound. Form incorrect growing conditions, to the wrong set up to mistakes in the drying process. A shroom grow kit ensures you get the most bang for your buck with high potency.
  • Less Fillers. If You Purchase the Right Shroom Grow Kit. Not all shroom grow kits are created the same. Unfortunately, a lot of magic mushroom grow kits on the market are full of unnecessary filler to increase the weight of the product. It’s all marketing, trying to make it seem as if you’re getting more. That’s why it’s important to buy from a reputable, trustworthy supplier of magic mushroom grow kits.

    Here at Buy Magic Mushrooms, we offer Freshmushrooms 100% mycelium. The only thing it contains is the substrate necessary for the mycelium to latch onto and grow from. Other than that, there’s nothing else we add to it. That way, you get pure mushrooms without all the BS. No filler, no fluff. Just 100% real magic mushrooms.

Make Growing Magic Mushrooms an Easy Process

There’s a lot of science involved in creating the right ecosystem for magic mushrooms to grow. That’s why we’ve spent so much time working on our magic mushroom kits to ensure you get high quality results and flushes that exceed your expectations. All you have to do is shop our magic mushroom grow kits and find the best type of magic mushroom for you to grow. While the requirement may differ slightly depending on the species, the process is going to be easy with a grow kit.

What are you still doing reading this? Order your grow kit and start growing magic mushrooms now!

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