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Try These Mild Beginner’s Magic Truffles

Welcome to the world of magic truffles. If you’re new to tripping on magic truffles it can be an exhilarating experience that changes the way you perceive the world. Many are often scared off due to stories of bad trips, or opt for the more well known “shrooms.” Buy, Magic truffles offer an experience similar to shrooms and aren’t illegal in the Netherlands where we dispatch from. We want to relax your mind and put you at ease. If you’re nervous about how you’ll react when tripping on magic truffles, try these beginner’s magic truffles

Psilocybe Mexicana magic truffle trip

Mexicana Magic Truffle Tripping

Psilocybe Mexicana

You might be thinking the Mexicana magic truffle is one of the strongest truffles out there. Afterall, isn’t Mexican food spicy? Shouldn’t the magic truffles provide a spicy experience, too? The answer is: no. While the Mexicanana magic truffle is native to Mexico, its effects are quite mild and are recommended to those who are new to magic truffles.

This is one of the best beginner’s magic truffles out there due to its relaxing nature that’s never overpowering. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to have a bad trip on the Mexicana magic truffle. All you need to do is follow the basic rules of tripping for your first time and you’re sure to have an amazing experience.

Mexicana Magic Truffles Specifications

  • Best Suited For: complete beginners. The Mexicana is a great beginners magic truffle. If you’re new to magic truffles and a bit worried about the experience, then you need to try the Mexicana. Also suitable for those who have experience with truffles but want a more mild “buzz.”
  • What the Trip is Like: The trip can be very relaxing. You’ll feel an intense sense of pleasure and wish peace and happiness unto the world You may feel very talkative, or be quiet and enjoy the experience within yourself. Just remember the effects of this beginner’s magic truffle are much less powerful than other magic truffles we have available, so you’ll be safe and sounds.
  • How Intense the Experience is from 1-10: 1. For magic truffles, this is the most mild beginner's magic truffle available. You won’t get any more mild than this.  Ready to start your trip with the Mexicana? Order Mexicana here.
Pajaritos magic truffles for experienced trip

Pajaritos intense magic truffle trip experience

Psilocybe Pajaritos

Moving on to the next mildest magic truffle is the Pajaritos. Again, it has a Spanish name but there is nothing “spicy” or over the top about this experience. It’ll be a nice ride with those around you, or even yourself. The difference between the Mexican and the Pajaritos lies in the intensity. Pajaritos is just a touch more intense, allowing you to feel deeper connections with other, a strong sense of euphoria, and mild hallucinations.

While the Pajaritos is slightly stronger than the Mexican magic truffle, it still makes a great first trip experience for those who have never tried magic truffles. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let the power of this beginner’s magic truffle fill your body.

The Pajaritos is recommended for beginners and novices alike. The Pajaritos magic truffle is intended for people who perhaps have more experience with alcohol or smoking marijuana as you’ll be used to the effects of being intoxicated or high (although the high from magic truffles is completely different!).

Pajartios Magic Truffles Specifications

  • Best Suited For: those who are new to magic truffles who feel more confident and aren’t worried about having a trip on magic truffles. Highly recommended for those who drink or smoke marijuana, as you’ll be more accustomed to the feeling of being high or intoxicated.
  • What the Trip is Like: The trip is similar to the Mexicana, though many report the sensations coming on a lot faster. On top of faster highs, the high tends to be more intense. The Mexicana will have you feeling good, but the Pajaritos will have you feeling great.
  • How Intense the Experience is from 1-10: 2-3. The Pajaritos magic truffle is just a little step up from the Mexicana, making it a great option for those new to magic truffles that want to experience a high that’s a bit more pronounced. You’ll be singing with the “Pajaritos” on your trip with this magic truffle.  It’s time to sing with the birds and learn more about yourself and the world. Order Pajaritos now.
Tampanensis medium experience trip truffle

Tampanensis an unforgettable tripping experience

Psilocybe Tampanensis

The third most mild truffle we have available in our wide selection is the Tampanensis. The Tampanensis magic truffle is considered “medium”, so it’s best suited for those who have experience with other substances as mentioned before (like alcohol, marijuana, etc.). One thing you’ll notice about the Tampanensis is the effects kick in much sooner. In just 10 minutes you’ll notice an overall good feeling encompass your body. You may laugh. You may become talkative. You may just sit there and take in the experience. All bodies are different and no two reactions will ever be the same. The Tampanensis is a great shrooms for those who are new to truffles, despite the effects being stronger than the Mexicana and Pajaritos. The feelings and sensations will be out of this world, and taking the Tampanensis will leave you with an unforgettable experience for those who are new to magic truffles.

Tampanensis Magic Truffles Specifications

  • Best Suited For: those who are more comfortable with their first tripping experience on magic truffles. Whether you’re new to magic truffles or this is one of the many times you’re tripped on magic truffles, the Tampanensis will offer you a wonderful journey.
  • What the Trip is Like: The effects of the Tampanensis will come a lot faster. Many users report laughing hysterically in the first 10 minutes. You’ll feel extremely happy overall and have nothing but good vibes when you’re on the beginner’s magic truffles.
  • How Intense the Experience is from 1-10: 4. It all depends on the person and how your body react. But, overall it’s a medium magic truffle that’s suitable for newbies and rookies alike. Order Tampanensis here.

It Would Be Our Pleasure to Provide Your Beginner’s Magic Truffles

You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for on Buy Magic Truffles. We ship to most locations around the world and offer discreet packaging. If you’re new to tripping on truffles, you don’t want to take just any truffles. We have specific types of magic truffles that are reputable and high quality, perfect for your first time.

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