Trip With These 10 Trippy Movies for Magic Mushrooms on Netflix

Since the average magic mushroom trip lasts quite a while, you’ll have time to watch a movie. But not just any movie. You want to watch something that gives you vivid imagery and adds to your hallucinations. Something that’s easy to follow and beautiful. You’re looking for the best trip of your life, you don't have to travel anywhere except your living room. Watch one of these movies for magic mushrooms to have a fantastic trip.

  • Alice Through the Looking Glass
    In this whimsical sequel to the classic Alice in Wonderland you’ll be mesmerized form the moment you press play. Take your mind on a mystical ride and enjoy a fantastic plot with this superb movie for magic mushrooms. Talking rabbits and mice… need we say more? If you’re looking for a movie that’s intricately animated and creative, Alice Through the Looking Glass is for you.
  • Mr. Nobody
    This film is great for those looking for a more philosophical film while on magic mushrooms. In a world full of immortals, one decides to remain human. He faces many problems, including a faulty memory. Why would he decide to remain human? Find out in this movie for magic mushrooms. The details of the futuristic society depicted in this film will leave you in awe - especially on magic mushrooms.
  • DMT: The Spirit Molecule
    While shrooms and DMT use different psychoactive compounds that allow you to achieve hallucinogenic effects, it’s still quite interesting to understand how it all works. DMT is actually the active compound in Ayahuasca, another psychedelic drug. If you’re looking for a movie about magic mushrooms, this is your best bet.
  • Moving Art
    When we think of art, names like Van Gogh and Picasso may cross our minds. We may think of paint and markers, clay and glass. But, there’s a type of art that doesn’t need the work of human hands: nature. Take in all the beauty that the world has to offer in this series featuring filmworks by Louie Schwartzberg.
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
    If watching movies about magic mushrooms isn’t your cup of tea and you’re looking for something a bit more lifelike than a fantasy movie, you might try this series. Featuring Seinfeld and a guest comedian, the pair of the episode his the cars… to get coffee. This may come as a surprise given the title (not!). Hopefully it’ll make you chuckle on your trip.
  • That 70s Show
    When you think of shrooms and drugs in general, what do you think of? Hippies, perhaps? The 70s? Step back in time with this hit series. While it’s not a movie for magic mushrooms, but a series, you’ll be able to laugh episode after episode while rocking those 70s vibes. One of the best things about tripping on shrooms is the laughter. You’ll be laughing about nothing on shrooms, but watching “That 70s Show” makes it so much easier to chuckle.
  • The Ritual
    Everything should have gone exactly as planned on this hiking trip with four friends. Except it didn’t. Things start going astray when one of the friends twists his ankle. Then they decide to cross through the forest in the swedish wilderness, making for an interesting, chilling ride. Will they get back to civilization? You’ll have to find out as these four travel the isolated terrain of Sweden. The Ritual is one of the best movies for magic mushrooms since you get to see the beauty that Sweden has to offer while following an interesting plot.
  • The Bad Batch
    Don’t get scared off by the title! ‘Bad Batch’ refers to the people, not any type of drugs. Besides, if you order one of our Magic Mushroom Grow Kits, you’ll never have a bad batch. This movie starts with a girl entering one of the few rumored areas of the US that’s sad to be completely lawless. There, she finds a variety of interesting people...and gets her leg cut off by cannibal bodybuilders. The whole plot, array of characters and scenery just make it trippy and an interesting experience while on shrooms. Check it out!
  • Into the Wild
    When you’re on shrooms, especially the first few times or if you’re nervous, Into the Wild makes for a great movie for magic mushroom trips. If you can’t go outside yourself to check out nature and the wilderness, why not bring the wild inside? You’ll see a man survive for his life in some of the most beautiful scenery, which is sure to make your trip unforgettable and ultra trippy.
  • I Kill Giants
    In this movie, a bullied girl is living a double life. While it’s strange for a young girl to be leading any kind of life in general, hers is much more interesting. She kills giants. This tiny girl goes on the adventure and battles of a lifetime, with some beautifully animated characters and giants. You’ll be tripping balls when you watch this movie on Netflix.
  • Go On a Trip Right From Your Couch
    You don’t need to go out to go on a trip. Whether you’re with friends or on your own, you can watch on magic mushrooms or a fantasy movie right from Netflix. It makes it an easy and safe way to experience a trip on magic mushrooms. These are just 10 movies that can enhance your trip. What are your favorite movies to watch while on shrooms?
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